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John Hatcher Realty specializes in development of small warehouse projects, starter home lot developments, neighborhood strip shopping centers, & small industrial parks.

Our focus is on small businesses requiring 2,000-4,000 square feet. We are proud of the fact that when leasing with us, you will be assisted by one of the owners which will better able us to service & get answers to you.

We are very pleased with the relationships we have with our tenants! We encourage you to stop by one of our properties and ask about them about John Hatcher Realty and what it's like doing business with us.

We try to be whatever service our tenants require.
One of our favorite sayings is "We try to never say no to our tenants requests. We may say how much, but seldom say no."


John Cole Hatcher: Owner
Linda Allred: Property Management & General Manager
William Henderson: Property Management
Megan Mims: Property Management